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Coffee with Chris in 2021!

Change is good right?

In 2021 Coffee with Chris will be celebrating its 4 year anniversary and as every year that goes by changes must be made. The last few months of 2020 the show has started to change its daily topics and move towards a new schedule.

Be prepared for a new and cleaner schedule and structure for each show. Here is the new daily show schedule.

Monday: Motivation Monday

Tuesday: News and Events

Wednesday: Question of the Day and Video Reactions with Amelia

Thursday: Guest Interviews

Friday: Love and Relationships

I still feel that it's important for us to have a daily show. One hour a day that we can use to collectively make ourselves the best versions of ourselves we can and to aim to have a good day. Coffee with Chris wants to be a place where we can talk about our experiences and start conversations about controversial topics in a space that is created to reduce stress and anxiety. Every morning you should feel safe to talk about mental health, current events, and entertainment.

The biggest goal of the Coffee with Chris Show is to spotlight local and unsigned performers and musicians, activists, and specialists who do work to uplift the LGBTQIA+ and POC communities. That includes our guests and audience. Join the live conversations daily, your voice is important and is worthy of being heard.

Look for changes starting January 4th! I can't wait for this new chapter of the Coffee with Chris Show and I hope you are excited too.

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