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Updated: Jan 8

Ugh! Today's question of the day was, describe your perfect day and today's show was everything but perfect.

Last night I got a 24 hour ban from Facebook for posting a photo that was deemed too sexual. The amount of issues I have around that will be unleashed during my next therapy session but I am angry that posting a photo of my body (not nude, no nipples were shown) not only flagged community standards but put me in a virtual "time out" which prevented me from streaming my show from Facebook this morning. It's a childish punishment. Why not just take the photo down and keep moving? This 24 hour ban prevents me from commenting or posting from any of my pages. Yes, my business and professional pages. Crazy. So I had to stream from YouTube and sent messages to people and asked them to share it for me. I was determined to have a show today.

"I'm not optimistic or pessimistic. I'm determined" - Stacey Abrams

Today not only did we talk about what our favorite days look like and how we can make them happen but we also talked about the Georgia Runoff election that as of writing this has called the race for Raphael Warnock, who will be the first black senator from Georgia, but has yet to call the face off between Jon Ossoff (D) and David Perdue (R). Right now Ossoff is leading with 50.2% of the vote with 98% of the states votes counted.

Words can't describe the amount of pride felt knowing that a black woman changed the face of politics in Georgia, a state that historically goes red for major elections. Abrams taking the reigns and leading the charge to get people registered and out to vote despite the very racist past of the runoff election rule to really show that people in this country is in desperate need of a change.

Time will tell what will happen next, but if Ossoff wins the senate seat it will create a 50-50 split of the senate giving the deciding vote to the vice president Kamala Harris. Whoo Hoo!

Here is today's episode, please enjoy it in all of its glory!

And as I like to quote a comment from today's show, Youtube doesn't save the live chat. :(

Geez! Join the conversation tomorrow as I return to Facebook at 10 am Est!

Updated: Jan 8

Today we went over some news. Topics included the Covid vaccine, stimulus payouts, and Trump's recorded plea to find more votes in GA.

The best part of covering the news in the Coffee with Chris universe is the interaction in the comments. Listeners commentented about their hardships on receiving stimulus pay and how trustworthy they are of the covid vaccine.

"I did not get stimulated" - Zakarias Brookes from today's comments

We also got some great links to TikTok videos

Today was just another great episode and fun with the community!

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First show of the new year and today's affirmation is "I Am Present and Hopeful".

It's time to leave 2020 behind and look at your present self and be hopeful of the future. I talk about life lessons learned from the end of 2020 and how they are moving me forward and how working in the present will help create the future and past you want. Life will always move forward but what are you doing to control your own path?

"Can't fill others cup when yours is empty" - GiGi Holliday from today comments

Know that being helpful is a great trait, but you can't help others if your life is out of control. Tomorrow we talk about what is in the news and more. Join the conversation live on Facebook weekday mornings at 10 am!

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The Coffee With Chris Show is a live morning show talking about current events and issues that are of interest to the Baltimore/Washington POC LGBTQIA community. Though, all can enjoy this show focuses on the issues we face every day as a community. These topics are open for discussion in a safe non-threatening environment. Grab a cup and chill, and let's chat about the world.


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