More than a show, it's a community

Some of the best conversations happen over coffee

The Coffee with Chris Show is a daily morning show that centers LGBTQIA+ issues including mental illness, current events, politics, and positive affirmations. Every morning expect topics that spark conversations around gender, race and sexuallity that challenges and encourages questions around controversial topics. The Coffee with Chris Show is more than a show; it is a space to create a community that is safe for its members to explore and challenge themselves in an environment that is free of judgment with proper boundaries that keep those who genuinely want to learn from those who are hateful.

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Start the week with a fresh cup of coffee and a motivational conversation. Every week topics will revolve around making us better people. Join the conversation by watching live at 10am on Mondays




Every Tuesday we get into discussing a question and discussing what's in the news. Questions come from what is happening in the world and how it can impact our community.



Wednesday join Chris and Dr Ginger Snapz as we talk about important issues that focus on empowerment and facing discrimination.




Check back every week to find out who will be on the show next. You never know who will show up!

#loveand relationshipsfriday

Fridays we talk about relationships, love and sex. Topics change every week. Want to submit an anonymous question? Click the link to submit